Ertugrul Ghazi Should Always Be Remembered

Ertugrul Ghazi Should Always Be Remembered

Ertugrul Ghazi Should Always Be Remembered The eternal shining Ertgrul Ghazi The vision of Ertugrul Ghazi and the role of his brave life in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire was much greater. That’s why he is dreaming of Ottoman Empire and in today’s opinion he will survive in the future in different places in the country and abroad.

1. Ertgul Samadhi

Ertgrul’s grave outside the present city of Sogot. There is a grave above the grave. There is also a dome and a mosque. Now it has become a shrine. Many tourists coming from home and abroad visit this shrine. This tomb was built by Usman Ghazi. He took this step to keep his father’s memory alive. He dug the grave well. Kept it. Tombs, domes and mosques were built by Sultan Muhammad I. In 1657, the Sultan rebuilt the tomb of Mustafa III. And in 17 Sultan Abdul Hamid II rebuilt it.

2. The warship Ertogrul

In 1754, the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz ordered the construction of a frigate or warship named Ertugrul. On 6 April 179, the Ottoman Ministry of Shipping appointed Ali Usman Baig as captain of the ship for a diplomatic visit from Istanbul to Japan. He was an expert in navigation and proficient in several different languages.Ertugrul Ghazi Should Always Be Remembered

3. The purpose of this visit was to establish friendly relations with Japan by Sultan Abdul Hamid II

With the display of ottoman flag in Indian ocean. At the time, the warship Arteogrul was over twenty five years old and was in disrepute state.
But the irony of fate was that on his way back from a diplomatic visit on September 15, 1890, he faced a monsoon climate. Storm lost control of warship. Sailors and sailors did their best but could not control the ship.

Five hundred thirty-three Malas drowned.

Fifty of them were captains.Admiral Ali Usman Baig of the plane died. Work began on 4, 2008, and on January 26, 2007, an investigation team arrived at the underwater combat ship’s special weapons depot. They recovered some ammunition, marine tunnels, bombs and ammunition and brought them to the port of Koshimata, Japan.Ertugrul Ghazi Should Always Be Remembered
There Japanese repairers – engineers, police, army and navy – sorted the verification. This serial got a lot of appreciation and won an award from the Japanese Academy.

4. Ertgrugul Mosque,Istanbul

In 17 AD, the Ottoman Sultan Abdul-Hameed II established a mosque in Aldiz neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey. Along with the mosque, he built a guest house, khanka, shrine, fountain, library and spacious courtyard.

6. Ertgrul Ghazi Museum

It is located in the city of Sogot in Beilik province of Turkey. This sougat was the first capital of Ottoman Empire and the juggernaut of Kai Gatra.

7. Darles Ertogul

This is a historical drama serial of Turkey. Turkey’s TRT-1 TV channel has telecasted the series in five seasons from 2014 to 2019. The historical stories of this serial occurred in the thirteenth century. It shows Agha Turk family, Kai Gator, Suleiman Shah, Ertogrul Ghazi and Usman Ghazi.
In one word, the serial shows the background, early history and events of the establishment of the Ottoman Empire. Engineer Altan Dojatan has played the role of Ertogul Ghazi.Ertugrul Ghazi Should Always Be Remembered

8. This serial has created a stir all over the world.

This serial has gained immense popularity especially in the Arab world. Bangladesh’s Masringa Television has also dubbed and aired its first two seasons.In addition, various Facebook pages – such as: Azmi Pathik, Translation Artigul etc have done Bengali subtitles.

9. The number of his fans and admirers is growing rapidly.

Till now, more than seventy million viewers have watched the serial. The serial has become very popular and controversial. Village. Although it has gained special popularity in Turkey and almost all countries of the world, the Arabs – the country’s prudent residents and Turkish historians – have been vocal about it.
There is no similarity between their interpretation, the fictional scene of the serial and the historical reality. In addition,
 But because of this series, Arab and Turkish nationalism and its impact on the international arena and from the analysts’ table – which has spread from tool to tool between netizens, is now an open reality!

10. Apart from the Arab population,

Turkish researchers and historians have no shortage of serial critics. Kamal Pasha’s supporters in particular are slightly reluctant in their criticism.
However, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan praised the actors and liked the serial, he said: “You have won the hearts of the people

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