Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 30 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 30 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 30 In English Subtitles We cannot facilitate enemies. And the brothers’ revenge is left with Devon Diego. What is your job while the enemies are there؟ I have pledged to avenge Isabel and Mary from this woman named Rosa, Elias. Daughter! Elias will arrest him and bring him and then we will take our revenge. I can’t relax here with this woman getting so close to herself. Elias is coming to the forest with his soldiers. Her lady is with her.

This means the little barberosa swallowed the grain

We managed to pull it off. When we come into our trap. So I will kill Elias. And when the ships of Rhodes come from the sea. So we’ll take Jejal back. Leave her female Isma for me. I will enjoy his murder. The rest of the fighters took over their positions؟ So the massacre will begin. Soldiers spread into the woods؟ That Done Diego will not be able to get the right salam out of here. There is nothing but ships.. From now on, the Barbaross family can’t get out in front of us. Immediately will head to Jigel.

Rhodes’ ships have appeared, Khazar Raees

Despite getting the Aga Islands on the rise, they would not return. So that means they will attack Jejal. Done Diego can also be with these ships, Darley! Come on, Shabash. That means they are stuck in the trap of being our merchant ship. Indicate all ships. Prepare cannons. All ships will come to war. Shabash! All ships move to war. Commercial ships are making a row, sir. It took me two to see. Sir! He is headed by Khazar, I have seen him before. These are the Barbarossi

Trapped us in the trap

If we can’t get out of them, we won’t be able to get jiggle. We are not in a position to throw shells; Because we thought they were commercial ships. They have been ready for a long time, sir. Spahio! We will not let them get jigsaw from us. Will kill them with their cannons. Done Diego will arrest him if he is here.. The steering of some of our ships has broken,Sir.

Khazar will definitely attack us

we will step back immediately. And what to do with these ships is that Jin’s steering is broken, sir؟ We are not in such a situation as to think about them. If we don’t attack the sea, Done Diego won’t be able to take it. Damn it on Done Diego. Our own life is in danger. We are staying in place after our fire, Khazar Raees. We will take over all their ships. Don Diego, if there is a lot, will not have mercy on him at all, Shabash. This is the trap of killing Done Diego. Don’t hide in vain, Ilyas.

There is no escape from death

They caught us in the net. We helped him by relying on the Sultan.. Magar has deployed his men on all scholars ( fields ). And we didn’t give a stipend. They seem to have acquired the islands for themselves.. No one gave us a stipend of power ( aid ). Don’t worry, we’re traders.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 30 In English Subtitles

Immediately after their arrival in the islands, the system was corrected. We must do our job. Khushki has been attacked by Jigel. That means he came from Khushki and the sea. Rodos was about to find the ships. Khazar has landed Rhodes’ ships at sea.

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