Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 27 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 27 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 27 In English Subtitles But you lost the whole jiggle. Will it take into account with me؟ Cut his neck and finish the matter. He will take the necessary action with his soldiers. We don’t need these thieves. What are you waiting for؟ Fighting with Barbaross has also become a matter of honor for us, Done Diego If I go back before Rhodes kills them.

So the great teacher will never forgive me

Killing Elias is a big blow to them, but that’s not enough. We haven’t got jigsaw yet. The king will not forgive us, time is short. The rise became the Sultan of the Islands. Getting Jigel will now be more difficult. There is only one solution that the rise will be killed, they will be able to defeat it in the same way. Then we can get whatever we want. Killing the Barbarossa rise can save us from the wrath of the king.Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 27 In English Subtitles

And it will make the great teacher happy too

Killing the rise is the right decision for all of us. All your plans should be made accordingly. We also lost the islands. We don’t have a place to stay. If they stay on the plane, they will immediately find. As far as I know, he is now the port of cursed pirates. How will we stay there؟ After retreating from there by the Spanish army, the Spanish pirates began to stay there. They know me and are afraid of me. We will not tell anyone to be there. And Barbarossi brothers will not be able to find us.

The fleet will be anchored in remote areas and reached the island in boats

When they hit the rise tomorrow, it will all end for them. But everything will start for us. My brother left in his youth. He was the youngest of us. It’s hard to bear this pain, Aga. Elias’ body will be dusty but. My lion’s soul is safe. His brothers will not leave his blood on the ground. They will narrow the world for Done Diego. Ah my brother, who is under black soil. Unless Done dego reaches the ground, standing and sitting is forbidden for us. The spies have spread around.Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 27 In English Subtitles

They will find the location of Done Diego soon

We will not be able to escape even if they hide under seven lands. He has no salvation except death. How will the heights hit, Devon Diego؟ A large army is needed to attack the islands. No army is needed, there will be such a trap for the total rise. And he will come to the shackling of death in a way he has never expected. Deliver it to the relevant princes, bubble – From now on they will act according to what is written. – Which is your order, Rais. Your brother died during the day.

But since you’ve been back, people have been taking care of problems

I want, noble, you relax a little. I am a Sultan before I am a brother. Whether Elias is a piece of my body. I can’t avoid people’s problems to mourn it. From now on, the people are more important than our family. Brother’s pain is like an angare in our hearts. But the empire is a fire shirt.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 27 In English Subtitles

Or will be as strong as iron. The fire inside us will not ring without revenge on Done Diego. Where is Done Diego؟ Is there any news؟ Detective ships have been sent, Raees. I will bring myself as soon as the news comes

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