Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 25 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 25 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 25 In English Subtitles  But now the way is not escape. Now tell me, where is Done Dego؟ This dog has taken refuge here, tell me where؟ The rise has been killed. Who are you talking about, stupid؟ What is this dog saying؟ You attacked here in vain, Khazar. Done Diego has laid the trap for the rise. I’m sure he’s fighting death now.

Maybe he’s lying, Khazar

Probably not stuck in the trap. This person cannot lie in his last breath. If Done Diego was here, he would confess to saving his life. But he told the truth. Done Diego has laid the trap for the rise of Agha. We must immediately move to the rise of Agha. People are trembling and calling you, the Spaniards are besieging them, my Sultan. Spread around and work to provide security, Spahio. Be a little patient, Aga. A little bit, you won’t leave them in their hands. Shabash, pull, pull, shabash.

Throw all the weight in the warehouse at sea

Shabash, Spahio. We have to hurry, Shabash. Thank God Don’t worry, you’re safe. The soldiers have secured the place. The Spaniards will not be able to harm you. Don’t trust so much, rise. Done Diego. Don Diego, who kills your girlfriend and brother Elias. And now I’m here to kill you. You are alone here. Will I let you get out of here alive, disrespect؟ In fact, you have entered a place where you cannot get out. What does that mean؟ Because of you, the rise became the Sultan of the Islands, right؟

But he didn’t give you anything

And put your men everywhere. The islands should now fall into the hands of its real owners. You will help lay the net for my rise. Then the islands will be yours. After the rise died. Will make you rich in the islands. I will give you what he did not give. So, do we agree؟ I am your Sultan. Will you unite against me with this infidel؟ Didn’t I save you from oppression and give you what you asked for؟ How can you stab me in my back now؟ Caught the tyrant but we did not give what we asked for.

If you can’t meet us we know how to take it

Don’t be too sad, rise. You will reach them soon. Even with your brother and girlfriend. Why isn’t this ship going faster than that؟ We have to go to the rise of Agha, don’t you understand؟ Wet the bahban, do something, we have to get to Agha, Shabash. Khadr, we’re all worried, but you need to calm down a bit. We are doing our best. I lost one of my brothers yesterday, I can’t stand losing the rise of Agha today. Who knows they’re stuck in the trap of this dog called Done Diego؟

I won’t be calm until I know their wellbeing

mean, do you understand me؟ Dare, rise to Agha, dare, embrace. Brother, the brother will not leave in the dark. The trap you saved with deception and crap did not work for you. Stop me, stop me, until I tear the pieces of the trap you have saved. You yourself laid the trap of your death.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 25 In English Subtitles

But your death will be in my hands. Open your eyes, I’m here, Aga. Come on, I’m here for you, open your eyes. Unrespectless, they attacked with treason. We’ve lost Elias, now you can’t stand your absence, Aga

Barbarossa Season 1

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