Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In English Subtitles You have forced these poor to be enslaved, they are all Muslims. I can’t let Muslims be a slave to the cuff, let alone them. If you want it, pay and take them. Otherwise we will sell them all in different markets. Sir.

Help us save us for the consent of Allah

. I raised many orphans. I understand the situation of these poor. My heart says buy, but this money is your earnings. Save us, save us. Please, sir. Save us, please, sir. Leave this money, Asma. We will earn more. Saving the oppressed from the hand of the oppressors is more valuable than gold. Save us, sir. Help us. Is so much gold enough for everyone؟ Of course ⁇ is enough, enough. Give them to their new owner. We will go to fill our stomach. Allah,

please you a thousand times thank you

sir. May Allah agree with you – Allah has given you what you want. Don’t be afraid of me, you won’t be harmed by me. My brothers are the guards of this island. We will provide you with home and accommodation. “We’ll go home in trouble thanks to the ship, Magar when they see it,” the chief said. I really like the kindness of these people and compassion for others.

Well done you did a great job

Elias will take the men he considers a slave. Then our bloody attack will begin. It’s time to turn the Kellmies into a piece of hell. Shabash, hurry up, it’s noon we haven’t been able to go on the campaign yet, Shabash, hurry up. Don’t waste time

Shabash You were very sad for your face

. Look, your face is as open as a rose. You’re going to besiege Modon, I’ll come too, no need؟ This siege will be long and difficult. It’s better for you to stay here. But it scares me a lot. This is the first time I have said goodbye to you for a great siege. And when you fight your life there. Breath will become poison for me here.

If a man goes to war

he leaves his sword in his wife’s bed. It’s kind of that he won’t come back without victory. And we haven’t married yet. Put it under your pillow until I get back. Then I will feel that I am always with you. The breath you breathe is not like poison I saved them from pirates, Your wound is not full yet, Antivan. You will not be able to endure the hardship of this siege.

But my soul has been healed

. I have accepted Islam thanks to Darwish Baba. You don’t remember you told me. The one who killed my girlfriend and took us captive is the same people. Now I want to fight these oppressors, rise. May Allah keep you happy on the path you took, brother. Brother Murad

 Welcome between us again

You have given us along our way to this day. Now you have become our brother, even in traditions and religion Despite the warning, the siege preparations have been completed, the rise is noble. I said before you, I will be besieged, Mr. Hamza. My point is the state.

And moving forward with the state is not appropriate for you. I obeyed the state order and liberated Gabriel. But he continued his enmity. He is cooperating with the traitorous Shahbaz. I can’t wait for them to lay siege to us, but we will besiege them

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