Ayla Daughter of War in English

Ayla is a captivating film based on a true story rooted in the poignant true story of Kim Eun-ja and Süleyman Dilbirliği. Their remarkable and emotional reunion, which captured the hearts of many, was originally brought to light in a 2010 documentary by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. This documentary, titled ‘Kore Ayla,’ was skillfully directed by Chuncheon MBC and offers an intimate glimpse into their extraordinary journey and the enduring bond formed during the Korean War. The film beautifully expands upon this real-life narrative, immersing the audience in a touching tale of love, loss, and reunion that transcends time and geography.

In 1950, following the United Nations’ urgent call for assistance after North Korea’s invasion of South Korea, Turkey dispatched a brigade to support the embattled nation. Among the brave soldiers in this brigade was Sergeant Süleyman, who made a heart-wrenching discovery on the battlefield: a little girl, orphaned by the tragic death of her parents. Moved by her plight and finding her under the serene glow of the moonlight, he tenderly nicknamed her Ayla. Despite the formidable language barrier, a deep and touching friendship blossomed between Sergeant Süleyman and Ayla. However, their bond faced a painful test when the time came for Süleyman to return home, tearing them apart and leaving an indelible mark on both their lives. The story of Ayla, beautifully illustrated in English, captures the enduring power of human connection amidst the horrors of war.

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