Alparslan Season 2 Episode 33 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 33 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 33 in English Subtitles Sir.The family of the rise is not in the castle. Rosa has surrounded the whole family. There was no reason to occupy the fort now. Rosa has surrounded the treasury. Let’s walk. Calmies are starting to look. The situation is not good. Done Diego has attacked. Pick up the bahban, we have to be hit fast, Shabash. Trouble is too early.

Our beloved homeland is being burned

. You attacked us with less understanding but. One of us, equal to your thousand. We told you: Don’t ask for so much war. Be one of you or a thousand, I don’t care. When we take you captive ( prisoner ) and trample on the dignity of your husband. So we will be the winners of the war. Endurance more, forgot to hold swords؟ You do not have the power to compete with us with the sword, fasting. It will be understood when we know you a while later.

So much sports is enough

, ladies! Leave the swords and hand yourself over. Otherwise he will kill you. Come and fight us with the swords. Are you dred like this؟ Not fear or bravery, but a matter of intellect. Winning is of intellect. If you have the intellect, leave the swords. Beware! Kill me. You have to fight until the last drop of blood. How to send you to death Huma Phogho؟ I have lived as much as I had in this world. And I see what I had to see. But you have to live. To survive is to fight. Don’t want you to be captive because of me. The plane of the rise from afar seems to come.

We have to go to

⁇ right away, brother. Our ship is waiting at the port. The Spaniards suddenly attacked us, Raees. Where are Nico and Topchi؟ He fought with the enemy to prevent him from entering the fort, Magar.. And women؟ Where are women؟ Khazar and Perry immediately ⁇ Heldejo. We’re going to the castle, come on. Get off the battlefield and don’t return to the fort. Of course they have been helped.

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 33 in English Subtitles

Find them and bring the fort immediately. We gave our lives. Mager did not hand over the fort, Baba the rise. – My lion! – Magger will forgive. We could not protect the Calmies. You have protected my lion! Protect trust by giving your lives and blood. The time of martyrdom has come on, Baba’s rise.


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