Alparslan Season 2 Episode 28 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 28 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 28 in English Subtitles The Ottoman justice is the guarantor of the freedom and rights of all human beings. Protect the Lord. Gabriel’s neck proved to be even more difficult than the fort. Gabriel’s work was all done. Victory has been completed. Be the source of all kale. Thanks, that’s it. I remember my youth by seeing you guys. Remembering your struggle in the oceans. Pray to be Salahuddin of all seas. The Mediterranean has come under our control with the conquest of Modon.

There is a big part of you. Not just Kalmiz

. Rather, rule the whole Mediterranean. I will apply in the service of Sultan Bisad. Speaking of me in the presence of Agaki, it is not appropriate or allows the position. We are sea perfection noble. Our heart beats around the sea. Our ships will reach a remote corner of the sea. The position and position is in the kingdom. The ships and swords are enough for us. Mr. Darwish Hussein.

If you make the right idea, stay here.

The construction and development of this place is very important to us. Done will arrive in Diego. That is, a great man is waiting for us. Is the secret safe in the heart؟ In history, in the world where and at sea. One day everyone will hear. I take refuge only in the Word of Allah. Even the sea winds will run by the same command. In a dark cave like mother’s mercy. You will make the Mediterranean a homeland of the Turks. And we will rule the world.

Will have such victories

. We will give you the title of Gooduddin. Your name will be Khazar and the title will be Khairuddin Barberusa. Protect it in your language and heart. In Sabinza, we were about to drown the ships of the Turks. Mager Braq Rais came and blew himself up with all, his ship.


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