Alparslan Season 1 Episode 7 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 7 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 7 in English Subtitles It was too much that you would not be anything. But when I saw you endure all these torture, I knew you would get up and come back. – What happened to your arm? – Will not move for a while. Magger with this arm you catch the sword. That’s not always the way. It will get better Isabel. That’s what Hakeem said. Tomorrow we will start preparing for the war quickly.

Take the island of Lota from Gabrial.

And it’s time to take the price of the oppression he did. Good for the cruelty done to me. The real thing is to get back to your land. A For this reason, the fleet sent to us by Prince Corcott is of paramount importance. In our absence in the Calmies, there was treason, deception and negligence. And our brother is among them. First take into account it from them. You can’t enter the fort, Iroj

. Whatever your demand is,

go and tell in the service of Christ Pasha. That corrupt Pasha is not letting me enter the fort that I conquered with the force of the sword. And you don’t mind, don’t you؟ How can you object؟ You didn’t become a puppet in Pasha’s hand؟ This position falls under its jurisdiction. What difference does it make to object to me؟ Agha. This place is definitely your right. But if you take advice, Alparslan Season 1 Episode 6 in English Subtitles

I think you should go to Pasha.

So that there are no problems between the two of you. Am I a man who is allowed to give someone for the right of my sword؟ Pasha’s obedience gave you respect for your brothers؟ How can you forget family unity and be negligent, Elijah؟ How can you take this position into the nets of this Pasha؟Alparslan Season 1 Episode 7 in English Subtitles

This position would have been given to the Shahbaz if I did not accept.

What such a embrace to protect your right. If you were to stand in the ranks of your family, he would not give this position to anyone. You also have to be careless knowing this. And trapped in Pasha’s tricks and betrayed his brothers. I did not betray anyone Agha. Everything did for your family. Agha. At least you understand me, Aga Rais. Do you understand, Elias؟Do you understand؟Alparslan Season 1 Episode 7 in English Subtitles

Despite the prohibition of Khazar, you gave up the fleet.

And made me captive in Gabriel Kahath. All your scholarships from women were sold ( Responsibilities ), you did not mind. You did not mind Shaheen’s position was given to Shahbaz. Because of you, the family is divided into two parts, Elias. And still telling the wicked: you did it all for the family. I also wanted to give up my position and coach. Mager Pasha threatened me with deportation and execution.

– I was forced to embrace.

– If you had left this place and went to the family. So what could Pasha spoil you, Elijah؟ The fear of losing a mugger position has affected you, right؟ In fact, the greed of the position blinded you. And you thought it was better to give the dog a position of Pasha like throwing a bone, than your family. Is the safety of your position my fault؟ His loyalty did not appear, did not be forgiven and did not fail.

Loyalty is to stand with your family.

And nothing will go beyond your brothers (ofadari). Not falling into enemy moves is (ofadari). Loyalty is in being associated with his family. Fear of death is not associated with any position. Take and push me. I lost my arm and not removed from my way at all. Your fear of losing you and your position. Your loyalty and path changed.

And that’s why I came up with the reason not to give you a scholarship.

The use of the sword is forbidden to come to my order. You will be the sailor of the ship. What does it mean to be my sailor؟ I do not deserve such punishment. This is not your punishment, my lion. Rather, it is a test. If you are too experienced for a scholarship, you are in the back of the position. Now enter the test difficulties. So that you get firm. Then go and get your sword and the scholarship you deserve.

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 7 in English Subtitles

Extremely bad kind of work to be assigned. Gatum, after becoming the protector of the late Calmies. How will people face it؟ Personality, hardcore and honor will be ruined. I will never do the position of sailor from today. After that I will not get eyes from people. My honor will be the letter. So far,

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