Alparslan Season 1 Episode 6 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 6 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 6 in English Subtitles If the benefit did not happen and the poison did not come out. My wounds have been stripped old. Mager, I have the real problem with the rise of Agha, what are they؟ Will be fine, these Gods. Allaah does not leave the uneasy helper to those working on his way. The rise of Agha has passed several tests in the pursuit of her faith. Still, no one complained. I, the tyrant, offered his sacrifice not to let me live in the hand of Gabriel.

You are one of our families.

The bravery of the rise is also an expression of the morality of Islam. I also want me to have faith and belief like you people. Support this great power. And I can put my eyes in the eyes of all these oppressors. Bigger can’t be able to. My heart is empty. The torment of your heart. Appearing with eyes. Will go through your part exams. So your heart will be reduced. Will that really happen Darwish؟ Will this heart pain be reduced؟ The affliction, will not treat؟ It won’t happen, of course. Here,

you have. Don’t care about your life.

I was afraid of you or the soldiers going something. Everyone is waiting for you Everything has brought right peace. Daughter passed through the exam. We have to go to Lavita and take over as soon as possible. The risk of sitting by tying hands and feet will not be low. Gabriel may have begun preparing for the war. We will also move. The last decision of the island of Luita will be swords. Alparslan Season 1 Episode 5 in English Subtitles

It’s time to hold the sword. I don’t feel like I’m bad. Poison is gone.

Some will not be able to move the arm for a while. What does it mean that you can’t move. There will be a total war, and it is the arm holding the sword. No treatment؟ The ointment has been put.Alparslan Season 1 Episode 6 in English Subtitles The arm will no longer be healthy so quickly. I am asking to go to war, on war. Does that mean the arm won’t be fine؟ What could have happened, what was it, keep calm. Always fight with the same arm. How will you fight without an arm now؟

I defeat the enemy with that arm.

Now if with this arm, the one who does not fight the tyrant. So it would be better to die. The poison of the rise has been broken. As soon as he stands on his feet, the car will come here. I will not give the rise a position. Look, think well. It’s impossible Pasha, I’ve protected the trust of the Agha nobleman. I also gave the rise a fair understanding. So thought what would happen to you؟ They will fight, they will show eyes like Khazar.Alparslan Season 1 Episode 6 in English Subtitles

Agha Raees will understand me.

I’ll understand that, I’m sure. Don’t be so pre-conceived. You will be assigned a very bad job. How can people face people as a protector of the Calmies for so long؟ Personality, hardcore and honor will be ruined. Agha Raees will do nothing like that. If a punishment is given, it will remain among us

And as you said: I’ve been the protector of the Calmies for so long.

Now it is better to give responsibility to his right. I will be fortified by soldiers. If the rise tries to enter, it will not be allowed. You go and take office. Whatever the problem of the rise, I will come and talk to me. One million thanks to Allah for seeing you the right Salem is the rise of Baba. Allah will not deprive us of you. Lakh million thanks to your security. Rise.

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