Alparslan Season 1 Episode 10 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 10 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 10 in English Subtitles We tried to stop it. But did not succeed. They burned the whole fleet. It was the only power we had to fight the island of Lolita. Now how will we defeat Gabriel؟ Profits are getting better, well, listen to Ghor. So be careful. Don’t show that it’s all mine. How dare you gamble in the Calmies. Empty all tables, Shabash. Now I understand you, Shahbaz. Your crimes have already grown.

You are gambling where I am a protector.

Now I have caught you with dyed hands. This place was not mine, I came here to raid but all of a sudden you came. Is there any other traitor who can gamble in the Calmies؟ You think we don’t know if it’s your place؟ But if you are going on that. What do you think you are doing؟ This is our way of investigating. I like to hear the sound of bones breaking and the screams of the bear. This is not our place. He said:

This is not our place, don’t you understand؟

You blame me all the time. I’m tired of your actions. I know, you work with Gabriel. And also join my arrest, and in the betrayal of the soldiers. If you know, what are you waiting for؟ I will do what I want to do. Pasha, whose pit is in your neck. We will win the Luita War tomorrow and take over the island. Then it will come to your turn. What to do with these haraam, noble؟ Waving like flowers and throwing them into the sea؟ Alparslan Season 1 Episode 10 in English Subtitles

Or lift and stick like flour with the wall؟

Break their arms, so that you may remember your sins while feeling pain. Tomorrow is your last day, Shahbaz. And Gabriel will enjoy my sword. Then it will come to your turn. First win the Lvitaki War. Then we will complete the calculation between us later. Why are you so angry؟ Prince Corcott took a raft from me and gave it to you. But you allowed the enemy to burn such a large fleet in the same day. What are you saying, how kind of fire؟

Gabriel and his soldiers attacked the fleet.

Burning the ships and burning the ashes. How will you explain this to Prince Corcott؟ Did Gabriel’s soldiers burn the fleet that Prince Corkot gave us؟ Only three ships are left, Agha. The rest of the ships burned. They were very important for the Battle of the Levitas. How can you not stop the enemy from burning the ship؟ We left as soon as we got the news. But the ships were burned until we arrived.

But why didn’t help from the sea؟

Isn’t it the work of the chief Shahbaz of the soldiers؟ One day the stone fell from the sky, even naming the Shahbaz. Do you want to blame the Shahbaz too؟ Antivan is right. No help came from the sea. Either your man is oblivious, or a traitor. No more argument is needed. You are responsible for it and no one. You will not be able to escape being blamed for it, so don’t try in vain.

Prince Corcott will hold you accountable for that.

You have nothing to do with us. Unfortunately, protecting your mahibas has been covered by our heads. I have told you before. When you go to war, no traitor should be left behind. It is responsible for you. Give me proof. Bring me proof; I can intervene. You said it yourself. He was a very important weapon in the naval fleet, the Battle of Lloya. Without these ships, you can defeat the enemy fleet. Can’t capture the Lloyjisre.

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