Alparslan Season 1 Episode 1 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 1 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 1 in English Subtitles Damn, where do these people drip. This is the war of death and life. You have been thrown at the death arrow, sir. We have to step back. They will not retreat without finishing them. If the arrows are not treated, they will be killed. We have taken holy objects, now that they do not get on the plane, they will die. Even if the retreat is removed, it will not be removed without hitting the rise. Give me weapons, for me.

Immediately * you have to get on the plane, come on.

Mr. Gabriel must be taken on board. Don’t let anyone back. Gabriel is retreating. These people survived again. We have to get out right away, come on. What’s going on to you؟ What happened. What happened؟ Come on, come here. Your brother is here. You can’t go without getting off the chest, Agha. Agha must take immediately to, Fara. Agha, do not say Aisa. Sacrifice, open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Mr. Gabriel will survive, will he be؟

Say that you will live. The arrow, descended into the chest at a distance of one finger. It sounds hard to avoid. To keep them alive. They are commandors and everything is our Leah. I will do it in the head. You will not give that position to rise. I have fixed you in this position.Alparslan Season 1 Episode 1 in English Subtitles

No one can be able to get to this position without my order.

Whatever the problem with the rise, I have to come first and talk to me. Agha’s condition is not good. Come on, from the way. Have to get quickly, Shabash, Shabash. Shabash, Shabash. Agha was the nobleman, what happened to them؟ There is a clash. I have to arrive. To be called to the doctor, Fora. Khazar, what happened to the rise؟ There has been a clash of Isabel. The condition is not good, let’s go. Also treat Antivan, Fara. You guys are also injured. Leave us Mary.

Rise Agha Kalee Medical Blouse Fora.

You stay out for some time. Inside the Agha Raees are in trouble and I keep standing. Everyone inside is in a hurry, there is an atmosphere of trouble. If you go, things will get worse. Even if there are Aga Lete inside, they are my brother. No one can stop me. Not to mention that the atmosphere inside is not right, don’t go and spoil it any more. You will first know the rise of the nobleman’s health. Wait out right now. Where was this medical.. The condition of the arm is bad. Look immediately, Fora.

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