Uyanis: Buyuk Selcuklu - 16 - Uyanis: Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 16

154 MinutesAdded: 12.01.2021

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  1. Muhammad Daud

    Plz upload quickly all the parts i am waiting

    10.0 rating
  2. naveed

    love you sister keep it up

    10.0 rating
  3. Insah

    Its first 41 minutes. Translation still continue. Episode finish 2,5 hours ago. Please do not wait a translation in a few hours from one translator. If you can do it so you do. Episode is 2 hour 34 minute. So you can make your calculate from part minutes. After translation complete parts remove full episode without ads will upload as usual…

    Update 1: Part 2 added. 1 hour 25 minutes translated.

    10.0 rating
  4. Abdul Rehman

    Thank you for everything ur doing keep it up we really appreciate ur hard work may Allah bless u

    10.0 rating
  5. Nisar Khan

    The Great Suljuk

    10.0 rating
  6. Abdullah Khan

    Thank you for the excellent work. This series is fantastic.

    10.0 rating
  7. Muhammad Ali

    upload remaining parts earlier kindly. Thanks for your great work 🙂

    10.0 rating
  8. Ismail

    Great job

    10.0 rating
  9. PakistaniFan

    @Translator: Please ignore these ignorant, insensitive commentators who expect a translation as soon as the episode airs. It is already an amazing feat that the entire 2.5 hour episode has been translated within 6-7 hours in the past. We appreciate this greatly. Please take your time. We can surely wait. May I also take this opportunity to thank you for the high quality of translation which has made a real difference to our experience of watching this show. Lots of love and respect from a Pakistani of KayiFamily.

    10.0 rating
  10. Nipu nasir

    Fast of all thanks for your work.
    It’s to hard to waiting for next part…..😥😥

    10.0 rating
  11. Mehran Elahi

    You guys are doing great job. Waiting for full Episode. Keep it up!

    10.0 rating
  12. wasif

    Thanks for your great effort. Highly appreciate all the effort you put into this translation. Enjoying it throughly, and watched the single episode a couple of times.

    10.0 rating
  13. ayyaz sheikh

    Another great episode

    10.0 rating
  14. ayyaz sheikh


    10.0 rating
  15. Shahnawaz Mirza

    I love this series so much ❤️

    10.0 rating
  16. Turkish TV Fan

    NOTE FOR TRANSLATOR/KAYIFAMILY: Thank you so much for what you guys do! You may not understand, but you guys translating The Great Seljuk, Kurulus Osman, Ertugul, and a wide variety of other shows are amazingly awesome of you guys! The Islamic community and many others are very happy that you guys are doing this. We thank you so much and take as much time as needed when translating episodes. We are grateful and humble for you translating these perfect shows.

    10.0 rating
    • Insah

      EyvAllah Gardash.

  17. Muhammad Faridi

    Awesome episode again, finally Hasan Sabaa Exposed !!!!!!!1

    10.0 rating
  18. Reem

    The best MashaAllah series I am watching. All of your series are amazing and have awakened the hearts of Muslims around the world. Please please film more and quicker as a week is way long to wait to know our history and how our ancestors fought for the Truth. Jazak Allah khair

    10.0 rating
  19. Guest

    Markus is 100% going to die.

    10.0 rating
  20. Ahmed Abrar

    Thanks to all those who make this awesome drama. And also who translate it.
    And May Allah bless the souls our Muslim heros.

    10.0 rating
  21. Yousaf

    Love It

    10.0 rating
  22. Shakir Hussain

    I love this drama too much. Best ever drama and love you Kayi Family. Best Fighting scenes and suspense based drama.

    10.0 rating
  23. Shabinan

    I love it

    10.0 rating
  24. sayyid qasr bilfaqih


    10.0 rating
  25. ilir


    10.0 rating
  26. Mohamed kOSHIN

    Thanks for the translation

    10.0 rating
  27. habib

    thanks great islamic education and entertainment

    10.0 rating
  28. Gundega

    Yay, finally that disgusting Sabbah gets ousted! Time for his head to roll!
    Hmm…I wonder if Turna is gonna try and run away to Sencer…
    And I feel most bad for the poor newlyweds T_T

    Thank you so much for the translation!
    Greetings from Latvia 🙂

    10.0 rating
  29. Bilal Shahnawaz

    Kindly Keep Us Updated With Uyanis Buyuk Because This Is One Of The Best Series I Have Ever Watched And Thank You For Translating.

    10.0 rating
  30. Aden

    It is unforgotten.

    10.0 rating
  31. Adrienn Br. Nagy


    10.0 rating
  32. Sahil vidha

    Aint able to watch the content as it keeps on buffering after every 2-10 seconds…!!!

    2.0 rating
  33. Raul

    Wonderful Bolum!

    10.0 rating
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