Kayi Family has been founded to make Islamic series accessible to English speaking people. Translated series include: Dirilis Ertugrul, Payitaht Abdul Hamid and Kurulus Osman.

You can also find articles and stories about pious individuals who sacrificed their lives in the way of Allah and his beloved Messenger (Peace be upon him).
Just over 4 years ago, we became fascinated with a show called Dirilis Ertugrul: the show displayed the true history of the pre Ottoman era and how Islam spread at that time through these great men of Allah. We were amazed to be educated on their life and way of living; An excellent interpretation of the true spirit of a Muslim. It portrays Muslim saints and followers with a more realistic feeling that can cut across religious lines and reach a western audience.
We aim to bring our English speaking audience free content so they can enjoy and learn, not only of the pre Ottoman history, but also the Ottoman lifestyle.